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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Witch, Be Gone!

By Michael Mauro DeBonis
Copyright @2018 All rights reserved by the author


Leave our village and take to the woods!
Dance the cauldron round, under blackest hoods!

Chant to the stars! Sing well for bats!
Make your wishes known to cats…

We trust you not, in ghastly crowds.
You wear midnight fog for all your shrouds.

And you throw your spells, cast on winds.
They make a mystery of human minds.

But, up to Heaven, we haul our hearts,
we are not privy to the evil arts.

You all should leave, with the rising sun…
for shades and their voices are from light gone.

Rhymes whispered by lips cold and old,
never measure up to their mold.

Awhile, they linger in air, thick and dumb,
‘til their vapors settle and then are none.

Michael Mauro DeBonis, October 31st, 2018     


About the Poet:Michael Mauro DeBonis is a poet and a historian from Long Island, NY. A graduate of both Suffolk County Community College and SUNY Stony Brook (B.A. English), Michael’s work first appeared in The Village Beacon Record and The Brookhaven Times Newspapers. Michael’s latest work may be found in the New York History Review(poetry and prose) and the New York History Blog (prose only). Mr. DeBonis is dedicated to studying and to learning the amazing history of the great State of New York.

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