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Sunday, August 19, 2007

99 Years Ago in Elmira, New York

Compiled by Allen C. Smith from the Elmira Star-Gazette 1908

January 2 Today it is Mayor Sheehan, and Elmira has passed another milestone in her political history and it is former Mayor Brockway. Mr. Brockway has set a standard for emulation by the heads of the city government for decades to come. The Star-Gazette congratulates the former mayor on the excellent work he has done.


January 3 Edwin M. Hart, window decorator for the Barker, Rose & Clinton Company, has been awarded the first prize for displaying the Never-Slip Horseheads so cleverly during December. Elmirans will remember the window display in which the horseshoes were shown at their best when used on the steep, icy incline leading to Santa Claus headquarters.

January 3 OFFER GOOD JOBS IN CIVIL SERVICE - Examination to be held in Elmira this month. Several pay well.
Forest planting assistant: $900 per year
Teacher, Indian service: $50 per month
Computer: range from $1,000 - $1,200 per year
Scientific assistant in seed testing: male $1000 per year, female $840 per year

January 6 All men have their hobbies, but if you want to see those that have the hobby of hobbies, go to the big chicken show that opens tonight at Bundy Hall. A few squirrels and other small wild animals will be shown.


January 11 [front page headline and story] After running away from her parents in Galeton, Pennsylvania, with Luigi Cellalo, an Italian about 30 years old, pretty little Mary Marrone, 15 years old, came to Elmira with her lover on Wednesday. Among her exciting movements has been her secretion by her lover, an offer of $100 reward for her return to her father, stolen, bound and gagged by the Black Hand, taken away from her lover and held for ransom, later recovered, again secreted by her lover from the police who searched for her and finally taken into custody and held at police headquarters until her father's arrival.

January 14 Miss Mary Marrone and her lover, Luigi Cellalo, were placed on an Erie train yesterday afternoon and sent back to Galeton. The police were unable to press a charge against them. Before going, demure and pretty Mary, aged 15, let out a string of abuse coupled with unpleasant sounding Italian swearwords which showed she could be anything but genteel at times.

January 15 More arrests in the sacrilegious snowballing episode at the Grand Central Avenue Free Baptist Church have been made. The four boys mentioned threw snowballs through the open front door of the church into the interior, seriously interfering with the meeting.

January 16 Boys get a public flogging as a penalty for snowballing. Soundly flogged by their parents in the basement of City Hall. Detective Gradwell’s stout and pliable razor strop, a broadband of leather with a handle, was the flog.

January 22 There are 5,000 millionaires in the United States, 2,000 of whom live in New York.

January 23 In the Lyceum Theatre last night a battle scene was presented in which it was necessary to fire off a revolver in a barrel to imitate the sound of a big piece of artillery. Soon everyone in the house began to sneeze. The barrel used had been used to store pepper. The dust floated throughout the theatre.

January 24 Greatest cowboy picture ever produced at “The Grand” - “The Hostage”, Pathe’s latest and most beautifully colored - Thrilling and exciting scenes for Friday and Saturday - Will draw the crowds - Admission 5¢

January 27 Chicken thieves have been active for the past several days in the northern section of the city. Last night thieves visited the hen-coop belonging to Mrs. Cedarholm of 915 Davis Street and took five chickens. Resident have obtained various firearms and other weapons and are ready for the chicken thieves, should they ever be caught at work.

January 28 Two men arrested plead guilty to using crooked dice in a game. Pal squeals when he does not get his share.

January 29 A large white bull-dog created a commotion in the Lyric Moving Picture Theatre on West Water Street last evening. The dog came into the theatre with its owner and during the exhibition of a picture stood in the aisle near the curtain. At a certain portion of the picture, a little boy falls from a high wall into a sluiceway and struggles in the water. The picture is a colored one and the realistic scene was too much for the dog to withstand. With a little whine he ran to the edge of the curtain and jumped squarely at the pictured water and the little boy.

January 30 Saturday the general offices of the Kennedy Valve Manufacturing Company will be moved from Bleekman Street in New York City to the manufacturing plant in Elmira.

February 2 Two 1908 American [brand] cars, a Tourist and a Roadster [models], were received by the Willys-Crew Motor Company yesterday. The Tourist was used by Miss Lillian Russell in her play “Wildfire” at the Lyceum last evening. Made a fine impression.

February 12 The conductors of the local streetcar company who run the Pennsylvania Avenue cars are being persecuted by a gang of boys who reside near the Northern Central shops and who put in some of their time near the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Miller Street. These boys, it is alleged, jump on the cars, pull the trolley off the wire, snowball the conductors and ride for nothing.

February 12 Youths of the city will lose only public playground. Baseball diamond in Riverside Park being planted with trees and shrubbery. Nearby residents object to the noise. Mayor opposes plan.

February 14 If a tall woman, 25 years of age, of dark complexion, and wearing a wart on the side of her nose, a light colored coat and a red skirt, should call at your front door and say that she wanted to tell your fortune, close the door and lock it, fasten all the windows and don’t go out of doors until the police have responded to your telephone call. That is the only way you can protect yourself against being hypnotized and robbed.

February 18 Good skating on Eldridge Lake is being enjoyed by many people this afternoon. The ice has frozen evenly since the thaw and the lake provides good skating.

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