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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wheatless Mondays and Meatless Tuesdays - “Eat less wheat, meat, sugar and fats to save for the army and our allies” or "Christmas was a Meatless Tuesday"

by Peggy Whittier
©2006. All rights reserved by the author

During World War I, the United States supplied its own food, and food to Britain, France and some of the other allies. Bad weather in 1916 and 1917 had an adverse effect on the food supple. President Wilson appointed Herbert Hoover as the head of the new Food Administration. Hoover applied a new concept of voluntary “Wheatless Mondays” and “meatless Tuesdays” While not official many parts of the country observed “Gasless Sundays””Sugarless Mondays”, “Meatless Tuesdays.” “wheatless Wednesdays, Porkless Fridays, and two meal Saturdays.

From the Elmira Herald:

Prisoners Have No Sugar
Prisoners at the Chemung County Jail are not enjoying sugar with their food at present, due to the inavailablity of Sheriff Hoke to purchase sugar at any of the stores in Chemung County… They do not mind it, however, and in fact do better work without it.
October 27, 1917 page 9

Two Meatless and Wheatless Days a Week are Now Urged
Federal Food Administrator Arthur Williams has made a plea for 2 wheatless days each week. The meatless days at the Waldorf-Astoria, he said, have saved 2,000 pounds of beef…New York’s food conservation will begin Sunday aftenoon. Home cards in instruction in economy and conservation will be issued.
October 27, 1917 page 9

Today is First Meatless Day for Hotels; Tomorrow Wheatless
Tuesday, October 30, 1917 will in years to come be remembered by surviving Americans as the first meatless day for this country of the World War…This drastic step has been taken on the advice of the US Food Administration and will continue in effect every Tuesday and Wednesday until further notice.
October 30, 1917 page 5

Sugar Famine in City Becomes Serious; No Relief is Promised
…Today retail stores are unable to meet the wants of their regular customers for even a small supply of sugar…
November 10. 1917 page 1

Thanksgiving Prices at the Mohican Company
Turkeys 35¢ a pound
Oysters 45¢ a quart
Round, Sirloin, Porterhouse 25¢ a pound
November 26, 1917

Our Soldiers Will Eat Turkey on Xmas Day
Every American soldier in France is to get his Christmas turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and mince pie after all…
December 24, 1917 page 1

Beginning Next Week Wednesday
Stores in the Business Section
Will Close at 5:30 except Saturday
December 29, 1917

Business Men agree to Suggestions of Fuel Administrators
To Close-Up Stores every weekday at That Hour
Will Mean Considerable Saving of Fuel and Lights
December 29, 1917

Victory Menu:
Baked Apples
Cornmeal and farina with top milk
Wheat bread toast
Coffee with hot milk

Pot Roast with brown gravy
Browned potatoes
Buttered carrots
Rye bread with butter
Fruit Sponge with sour milk

Cheese sauce on toast
Toast with marmalade
Milk for children
December 29, 1917 page 4

Victory Menu
Stewed apricots
Graham toast with butter
Fried mush with sirup

Lunch or supper
Stewed lima beans with milk
Apple and onion salad
Oatmeal, graham, or rye bread
Carmel junket or muffins and jam

Spanish hash (rice, tomatoes, left over meat)
Wheat bread and butter
Brown Betty and top milk
Milk for children
December 31, 1917

Elmira Herald, Elmira, New York. October 27, October 30, November 10. Novembber 26, December 24, December 29, December 31, 1917.

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