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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Darned Good Time

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by Miss Lucy Potter, age 13
Taylor, New York 1868
©2009 All rights reserved.

November, Sunday 1, 1868
went to meeting twice today. Abb is here tonight. I sit by the stove and Abb put his hand into my pocket and got my butternuts.

November, Monday 2, 1868
have been washing today. have not been to the post office. hain’t heard from Vel today but spose she’ll get along.

November, Tuesday 3, 1868
Lib, Line, Maria, & Oscar is here today. Is Election Day. A good ell [election] going on. have been to Clark’s 2 today.

November, Wednesday 4, 1868
have been butchering. Frank, Hut, Pritchard, Aunt Hattie, Aunt Lizzie and Abb is here to night. have got a cold.

November, Thursday 5, 1868
Julius come back today. Vel has been here. have been to the post office today. Jane has been to Pritchards. have seen Abb today.

November, Friday 6, 1868
have not been to the post office today, but have see Abb. he come down after some citrons.

November, Saturday 7, 1868
Jane and I went to the store. Abb was helping Uncle Chauncey move his building. he was driving [the] horse.

November, Sunday 8, 1868
Sophia has come today with Jerome. Abb is here tonight. I went in when i come out. i went around to them all and told them something. I kissed Abb once and he kissed me twice.

November, Monday 9, 1868
I did not sleep enough to stick in a pig’s ear. went down stairs with Abb when he went home. Sophia has gone today. Jerome went to his school. it has rained all day.

November, Tuesday 10, 1868
it has been raining all day. been Cleaning upstairs today. have not see Abb. Aunt Em has got a boy 3 months old but I can’t help it.

November, Wednesday 11, 1868
Went up to Pa’s this evening to see Aunt Lizzie & Minnie. had a good time. I saw Abb there too. I written a Letter to Em.

November, Thursday 12, 1868
I dreamt last night that Abb come home with me. have not see Abb today. Vel, Lafa, & Herbie was down here tonight.

November, Friday 13, 1868
Velma come down this evening to have me go up to Mrs. Osborn’s. I went. had a good time. went to Pa’s to stay all night. have not seen Abb tonight.

November, Saturday 14, 1868
have not been doing much today.

November, Sunday 15, 1868
went to meeting 2 today. this evening Abb is here. ---- --- -----I went in --- ------ -----there.

November, Monday 16, 1868
we washed this morning. School commenced today. went to the post office tonight.
have been to school today. like the teacher very well. Abb come home ---- -- ----yesterday.

November, Wednesday 18, 1868
have been to school today. went to the post office but did not get enything.

November, Thursday 19, 1868
went to school today. It has rained most all day. did not go to the post office.

November, Friday 20, 1868
have been to school today. Greene and Oren went to the Exhibition. Jerome come home tonight. went to the post office 3 times today.

November, Saturday 21, 1868
went to meeting 2 today. My fingers feel pretty bad. Mr. Ensign, Mrs. Ensign here tonight.

November, Sunday 22, 1868
have been to meeting twice today. Abb is here today. He looks as natural as ever.

November, Monday 23, 1868
have been to school today.

November, Tuesday 24, 1868
have been to school today. my fingers is bout the same.

November, Wednesday 25, 1868
went to Dozsten’s funrel today. Mate went down today with me afterward.

November, Thursday 26, 1868
today is Thanksgiving day and school does not keep [hours]. It rains today.

November, Friday 27, 1868
I went to school today.

November, Saturday 28, 1868
It Is kind a lonesome. I had my fingers opened today.

November, Sunday 29, 1868
have not been to meeting today but am a-going this Evening. ----- -- --- ------ ---- ----.

November, Monday 30, 1868
we washed today. I went to school.

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