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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Excerpts from "My Story - A Year in the Life of a Country Girl"

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by Ida Burnett, age 15
Logan, New York 1880
©2009 All rights reserved by author

January, Thursday 1, 1880
I and Ma got breakfast. Miss Vandoren has been here all day and Mate and Frank has been here all the afternoon. Alex Dunham and Abram Wyatt is here.

January, Friday 2, 1880
I went to school today. Carrie went up to Mate’s this afternoon and Fred Baker was here. Manroe Kingsley was here to dinner. Jane called this evening.

January, Saturday 3, 1880
I and Ma got breakfast. Went to school [? it’s Saturday] Pa went to Reynoldsville. Mate was here all day. We had company in the evening - six Baker children was here and three Dickens. We did not go to bed until two o’clock.

January, Sunday 4, 1880
We did not get up very early this morning and breakfast [was] at ten. Did not go to church this morning. Pa went to Trumansburg today. Went to [church?] tonight. Carrie looked for George a little tonite but he did not come. It reigned [rained].

January, Monday 5, 1880
Ma got breakfast this morning alone. I stayed to-home from school and washed. Ed went to milk. Mate [something] wiped the breakfast and dinner dishes for Ma.

January, Tuesday 6, 1880
I went to school today. Charlie Matison left the school I am sure more will go.----------

January, Wednesday 7, 1880
Ma got the moste [sic] of the breakfast. I baked the pancakes [sic]. Went to school today. Mate was down here all day and the boyes [boys’] shirts home with her to make.

January, Thursday 8, 1880
I went home with Em [Emily] Rudy last night - we had a splendid time. I whispered in school today and the teacher made me write a word 100 times for it and I am a-doing it now.

January, Friday 9, 1880
I and Ma got breakfast. Went to school. Mate has been here all day. Ma and her went to Bardett [Burdett]. Ma got I and Carrie a black cashmere dress. They both cost $23.90. Mine cost alone $16.90. I was down to Jane’s a little while. Went over [to] the lake to see her sister.

January, Saturday 10, 1880
I got breakfast and washed the dishes. I and Ma went to meeting. Carrie come home with us. Carrie got a letter from George [something] today. Answered it today. Saw the two brides or Carrie. Elmer helped me get the horses this morning. We went to meeting tonight.

January, Monday 12, 1880
Henry [older brother] and Pa went to Seneca Falls, Geneva, and Canandaigua. Carrie washed and I done the housework. I did not go to school today. Ed went after the children. Mate has been down all day. Ed went after the school children [sic]. I got all ready to go after [something]- did not go. Will and the family got back to knight [sic].

January, Tuesday 13, 1880
I went down after Poly - stoped [sic] to the grosey [sic] and the minister was there. I did not go to school today. Poly fitted my dress. Did not go the ladies [sic] aid society tonite. Carrie done all of the work today and I am to do it tomorrow.

January, Wednesday 14, 1880
Carrie slept with Poly last night. I have done all of the work today. Rote [sic] a letter to Charlie Salisbury today for Wallace. George Weaver was here this evening. Henry went ….Poly has been here all day to…..Pa went to Watkins - got my shoes - they cost 85¢.

January, Thursday 15, 1880
I did not go to school. Poly has worked on our dresses. Pa went to Watkins. Shephenson and Parson---- was here today. Mate was down a little while at night. Will Kustern and Billey Dickerson called.

January, Friday 16, 1880
We did not get up very early this morning. Pop worked all day and got donte tonight. Henry went and took her home. Ed went to She…. I have got an awful pain in my side tonight. Had some chickens for dinner. We took some….Enfield tomorrow.

January, Saturday 17, 1880
Manerva Mathews was down here all day. Mate Gittens went to Logan a-foot and got the  news. I went and met her. She read Little Brownie to me. I got dinner. Carrie washed dishes.

January, Sunday 18, 1880
We did not go to church this morning but we did tonight. Mrs. Smith and her children rode over with us. Mrs. Socket [Sacket] was over tonight. There was a man here yesterday and invited us to a surprise party for Monroe Dickenson.

January, Monday 19, 1880
I went to school today and traded seats with Henry. Henry and Will are sick of my boredom a-ready. Carrie washed. Wallace is sick tonight. I went to Jane’s and bought some butter.

January, Tuesday 20, 1880
I did not get up till breakfast was ready. Went to school. Emily Rudy came home with us tonight and stayed all knight. I and Em and Ada slept in the parler [sic] bedroom and we had to get up and make the bed a half dozen times.

January, Wednesday 21, 1880
I went to school today. Ada went home with Em Rudy and stayed all night. Ed went to the Library but they did not any of the rest of us go, He got the-----and I and Carrie up and went up stairs and red [sic] Little Brownie.

January, Thursday 22, 1880
I went to school today. We practiced our pieces for tomorrow. The boyes [sic] got to fooling and Henry got mad at John Bell and Will Purdy tore the seat of Henry’s pants awful. He had a notion to come home but he did not.

January, Friday 23, 1880
I went to school. We spoke pieces in the afternoon. We stoped [sic] over ----about Aunt Peggie’s Courtship. I was d----- Peggie. I went to a surprise party tonight to Manroe Dickenson. Henry Dickenson took me to supper. Carrie went with George.

January, Saturday 24, 1880
I washed the breakfast dishes. Got dinner and washed them dishes. Frank and Mate  came down. Mate and Frank went down to Mrs. Bond’s this afternoon. I moped [mopped]. Ada sowed [sewed] on her quilt all day. Ed took -------- and me to Mary Baker tonight and she is the best girl that I ever seen.

January, Sunday 25, 1880
Ada got breakfast. Ma and Carrie washed the dishes. We got all ready to church this morning, but we did not go - it got so late - but we went in the evening. Mate Gittens and Jane Weaver went with us.

January, Monday 26, 1880
I went to school today. Carrie and Frankie went to Logan and got the male [sic]. She got a letter from George. She was very glad to hear from him. Mr. Mowel was buried today. I went to sleep twice in school today. Carrie washed.

January, Tuesday 27, 1880
I went to school - and it reigned [rained] all day but we went to a  ----- party up to Ezekel Mathews just the same. We had a splended [sic] time. We got home about 2 o’clock. Henry waited on Marian like a gentleman.

January, Wednesday 28, 1880
I went to school Will Rudy came home with me to stay all night. There is a spelling school to Logan tonight but I did not go. Henry, Will, Ed, and Wallace has gon [sic] and I am a-waiting for them to fetch the male [sic]. Mate is here now.

January, Thursday 29, 1880
I went to school. Henry and Stephen Seybolt went a-hunting. Will took his dinner but did not eat it. I was 10 tonight. Pa went to Watkins [Watkins Glen, NY] and Havana. Did not get home very early. Ed went to ----- to get his Democrat [probably the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle] to go to Enfield Center.

January, Friday 30, 1880
I went to school. The teacher examined all of the schoolars [sic]. I didn’t pass any, but I came pretty near in everything, but a miss is as good as a mile. Carrie washed the ruffles in my dress and put them back in.

January, Saturday 31, 1880
We went to Enfield today and when we was a-getting ready, Will, Rich and Stephen Seybolt came over and water Henry to go downtown with them. We did not go to bed till 8 o’clock Sunday morning.

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